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Divine Alignment rooted of two divinely-aligned individuals that, upon meeting, realized they essentially wanted the same thing in life - to help and give back. To help, they decided, was to inform, motivate and inspire everyone that health is the key ingredient to a happy fulfilled quality of life and to give back essentially consisted of being part of that movement physically; supply and demand. Foremost, it was their united belief that health starts within.




Alas, DVN ALN was born.

Divine Alignment was founded in the trenches on the early onset of 2020.


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Our herbs are 100% organic and wild crafted from Canada. They grow naturally, free of pesticides and chemicals.  
Each herb is harvested by hand and processed in a traditional, century-old method that preserves it's natural properties.

- The Founders of DVN ALN


We can have it all.

Happiness, balance, freedom. Mind, body and soul. And the connectivity of it all starts with our health. In order to pursue balance, indulge in freedom and share the happiness, the joy: it starts within.

A healthy body means a healthy mind. 

To acknowledge and to nurture is to provide opportunity to heal and to grow.

At DVN ALN we believe in providing you with the knowledge and resources to help promote a higher consciousness and the ability to act on this knowledge in the simplest measures. Place no boundaries on the lengths you would go to for your health. It starts with you.

We believe that quality means organic and that supplementing should not include fillers and/or additives.

We believe in daily supplementation to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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